“Jason Graham has been a great partner and graphic designer for Centro. He’s extremely reliable, hard-working, and knowledgeable. Jason is creative, flexible, and always provides fantastic service with a smile. Thank you Jason for all that you do! You’re a great friend and designer. Cheers buddy!”

Maureen Malungcot, Brand Manager, Centro

Maureen Malungcot

“Jason quickly thought through what I needed for my company logo, and came through for me the first time – a home run. His creativity and understanding of what I wanted my logo to convey was exceptional. He is an expert is graphic design, and understanding branding. The final result was exactly what I wanted. Thanks, Jason!”

Lonni Cibants, Sr. Vice President, Corpus Capital Management, Inc. & Corpus Insurance Services, Inc.

Lonni Cibants

“Since you upgraded our navigation a week ago we’ve gotten 3 phone calls from the website.”
Jonathan Ross Berman, MD, FACS

Jonathan Ross Berman

“Jason took so much time talking to me to help design the best looking and functional website for our clinical genetics laboratory. We are a small lab that is trying to compete with much larger labs, so Jason helped us to look much more professional. He suggested a content-management system that has made is so easy for me to make many changes to the website on my own. Jason was very patient with all of our changes and we could not be happier with our new look. Dnatesting.uchicago.edu‎”
Melissa Dempsey, Genetic Counselor, Genetic Services

Melissa Dempsey

“Jason has a great creative eye for detail and also can work within very restrictive constraints to design eye-catching and fantastic ads and websites. Jason not only designed well, but was also extremely easy to work with and was a fantastic collaborator. I would certainly recommend Jason for any type of design work.”
JR Hopwood, Marketing Analyst/Manager, CBS SportsLine.com

JR Hopwood

“Jason is a very talented, passionate artist.”
Steve Miller, Senior Editor, ESPN.com

Steve Miller

“Jason has enabled our company to have a Website that really relates to our customers. This result was possible due to its professionalism in researching the needs, the goals & objectives and foremost understanding the message that our company wanted to convey daily to our Website visitors. I invite everyone to visit the Website, to appreciate what Jason has accomplished.”
Henri-James Tieleman, President, Ecoloblue, Inc.

Henri-James Tieleman

“Our office has been working with Jason for over a year. He has done a fantastic job of creating professional literature for our office. His design skills and attention to detail ensures that our business cards, brochures, and other print materials are exactly as we envisioned them.”
Dr. Jack Tobol, M.Ac., A.P., Acupuncture Wellness Center of Coral Springs

Dr. Jack Tobol, M.Ac.

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