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"Jason took so much time talking to me to help design the best looking and functional website for our clinical genetics laboratory. We are a small lab that is trying to compete with much larger labs, so Jason helped us to look much more professional. He suggested a content-management system that has made is so easy for me to make many changes to the website on my own. Jason was very patient with all of our changes and we could not be happier with our new look. dnatesting.uchicago.edu‎"

Melissa Dempsey, Genetic Counselor, Genetic Services

The University of Chicago Genetic Services Laboratory offers state-of the-art DNA diagnostic services. The DNA diagnostic laboratory has a focus on testing of rare orphan genetic diseases for which testing is not readily available elsewhere.

Polish Your Image was asked to redesign their old website, and they wanted a look that would stand out among their competition. Our solution was a design that communicates both mystery and enlightenment, and incorporates some of the University of Chicago color scheme. They liked the drama and uniqueness of our design, versus a conventional academic or corporate look.

We showed them the benefit of implementing the site in the Drupal CMS, and they were thrilled with the idea of the site being searchable. They agreed that the focus of the site should be on search and easy navigation to Test categories, so search is the most prominent device on the home page, and prominently positioned on every other page of the site. A great deal of time was spent on implementing custom styled jQuery (jquery.stylish-select.js) pull-down form lists (to dress up what would otherwise be boring and conventional looking), developing custom js, and using Drupal's Views & Taxonomy modules to customize search, and for listing tests by category and terms. Admin users have the ability to add new tests/pages/articles, and upload attachments/documents to their nodes.

The Drupal powered website now allows users easy access to their substantial database of tests and information about a large number of rare orphan genetic diseases that are known to exist, and learn about their full line of services.


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