Polish Your Image

Showcase your Awesomeness!

We're all about showcasing the sheer awesomeness of your product or service. We'll design your website or campaign to reach your target audience, and craft a message that resonates.

Meticulous Craftsmanship

Each website or marketing piece is painstakingly designed & tested with care and love, to be search engine optimized, easy-to-use and stylish, with the latest and greatest technologies so you remain on the cutting edge.

We're also mind readers

  1. How long will my website design take?
    Your website design is started as soon as you give the go ahead and can be finished and online in two to four weeks.
  2. Will my website be in Google?
    Your website will be search engine optimised to the max, but this still doesn't guarantee you a place on page one of Google or other search engines. However all of the key components of search engine optimisation are built into your website utilising the most up-to-date techniques available, giving you the best chance of success.
  3. Can I update the website myself?
    Yes you can. Included is Content Management System which lets you update your website any time.
  4. Where do I start? What do I need to do?
    To make it as easy as possible, you start by answering a few questions about your design preferences, your business objectives and your ideas for your website. An initial design is then made as a starting point and the website then develops form there.
  5. Can I see my website during the design?
    Yes, you can watch your website design as it happens, you get a private web address to access it. You will be able to try out every page, review the content and give feed back at every stage of the website design and it's never too late to change something - right up to launch day.